Have a merry, smeggy, Whovian kinda Christmas…

Long time – no blog. Have been working on my Christmas extravaganza – a Red Dwarf/Doctor Who mash up. This has taken a lot of time. I’ve been perfecting my use of Paint Shop pro and also using a bit of iPad stuff like Sumopaint and Brushes. For those of you who might not want to scroll through 24 pictures, the whole thing is available in a pdf  here : Doctor Who Red Dwarf Christmas

I hope you enjoy it and hope you all have a very merry Christmas


Death has come to your little town, sheriff.


It’s Halloween. To mark the date here is Jason. To make the background I chose a photograph I liked and added an effect in Paint Shop Pro. Jason was hand draw, scanned in and drawn over digitally.


You said yourself. I can’t stop it. Let’s get this over with.

RDLater today I’ll be posting something a little Halloween related. But first I wanted to let you all know that I’ve converted my Red Dwarf Comic Strip into a downloadable pdf file which is available here . It’s also available as an ePub file for those of you who prefer that format.  My next big Red Dwarf project will be coming soon – I’m working on a Christmas adventure!

We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

Another day, another blog post about Doctor Who. I’ve managed to do the rest of the doctors and have put them in scenes linked to episodes I’ve seen. We’ll start with doctors 5-8. Doctor number 5 was notable for his cricketing style outfit. In fact he even played cricket in a the episode I’m referencing here. – The Black OrchidPeter D

Colin Baker played Doctor number 6 and he isn’t a doctor I’ve watched an awful lot of but the episode I’ve chosen to draw this from, called The Two Doctors, is one that I quite like as it includes the return of Patrick Troughton. As i’ve already drawn Doctor number 2 here’s the image I’ve created. Can I just say that this outfit was really tricky to draw!

Colin Baker

Doctor number 7 was an easier project as I really enjoy his episodes and stories even though they sometimes look a bit cheap. I liked Sylvester McCoy playing the doctor and have watched him a lot on You Tube and DVD. The episode I’ve chosen for this doctor Dragonfire – it sees an assistant leaving and the doctor gets to hang over a wall.

S McCoy

Moving on to Doctor number 8 – this was from a Doctor Who Movie so was a one off. I’m not a big fan of the story but I quite liked both Paul McGann as the doctor and Eric Roberts as the Master and it’s always good to see a feature length story in one go.

Movie Doctor 2

And then came the gap. There was a fabulous spoof starring Rowan Atkinson and an animated adventure (both of which I will feature soon) but eventually common sense came and Russell T Davies brought Doctor Who back. In the downtime special effects had got better and budgets had got bigger. This was Doctor Who getting the treatment it deserved and Christopher Ecclestone was a brilliant choice for the doctor. It was disappointing that he only stayed for one series but at least it put doctor who back on the map. A have a number of episodes I love but have decided on The Empty Child as I thought it was an amazing story.

Chris E

Chris Ecclestone was followed by David Tennant. Many people really liked him as the doctor including me, although I preferred Doctor Number 9. There were lots of great stories though and I’ve gone for The Weeping Angel – the angels are really scary and this makes it more like watching an episode from an older incarnation. Some of the modern baddies just are not that scary. This one really is!

David Tennant

When Doctor 11 first burst onto the screen after Tennant leaving I don’t think he was that popular. Like a few of the previous doctors he is more of an acquired taste. In parts he reminds me of former doctors, especially Patrick Troughton, but is a little too silly and flamboyant at times. Matt Smith seemed a very young choice for the doctor and it sometimes plays more like children’s TV than Sci Fi. The episode I’ve chosen here includes an appearance from another ‘past doctor’ although it is one we don’t know. This doctor is played by John Hurt who I think is amazing especially as I like a lot of his films. The episode was called The Name of the Doctor.

Matt Smith

That leaves just two doctors to tackle before I move onto companions and other notable characters. The first image is of Peter Cushing, who played the Doctor in the Dalek films of the 1960s and then we are coming right up to date with the next doctor – Peter Capaldi. I created an imagined background with a character called the Moth man that I though up myself.  This background was created differently – I used the iPad

Movie Doctor 1


Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the Fourth Dimension?

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who. Because my mum and uncles liked it I had seen it on line before Christopher Ecclestone made it cool again. But I haven’t really drawn much Doctor Who stuff – I used to find it quite tricky to get the aliens right. Now I’m getting a bit better at this digital art thing I though I’d have a go at drawing all the doctors and maybe some of the companions. I’m starting with the first four tv doctors – the doctor from the sixties movies will be in another post.

To make things a little bit of a challenge I have drawn each doctor as part of a classic episode. William Hartnell is shown in ‘The Daleks Master Plan’, which I’ve watched on You Tube. Some of the fottage is missing but its still entertaining. Doctor number two, Patrick Troughton, is shown in ‘The Tomb of the Cyberman’ – one of my favourite episodes and one I watch often on DVD. I’ve made these two images black and white as thats how the episodes looked on TV.

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Moving onto the colour episodes we’ve got the earth locked third doctor in an episode called ‘The Three Doctors’ I chose this episode because it has a great alien baddie and it’s one of the only Jon Pertwee stories I’ve seen on TV. Then its the doctor who made the programme really popular – Tom Baker.  Famous for his scarf and jelly babies I’ve chosen ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ as his scene. It’s one I’ve watched many times on DVD and it I enjoyed drawing Davros too. Next I’ll be having a go at doctors five to eight.

Jon Pertwee

Tom Baker



You can keep your gratitude; I’ll take the gold.

I haven’t blogged for a while. Mainly because I’ve been on holiday. But I’m putting this right tonight.

Earlier this year I entered an art competition for people with disabilities. The shortlisted art was to be displayed at the National Eisteddfod so I settled on a Welsh theme – dragons. Inspired by the story of Dinas Emrys I came up with this. It was tricky as I decided to paint rather than create something digital but I am pleased with the result. I didn’t win but it was worth having a go – I might even paint a bit more often.


I used to be somethin’, all covered in fluff, and I’d dance in the sunlight and show off my stuff.

Mythical creatures. Another thing I’m fascinated by. Blame Harry and the Hendersons. Or my love of King Kong and Clash of the Titans. I’ve recently come across pictures of a supposed Jackalope. Using the iPad and an app called Brushes, I had a go at painting over the top of the photo. the results are here. It’s not brilliant but it is a first attempt and I quite likes the Brushes app.


She called me a baboon! The stupidest, ugliest, smelliest ape of them all!

Earlier this week I entered an art competition. A proper job that required time, effort and a proper painting. No digital stuff allowed. While I was planning out possible ideas for an entry i couldn’t help myself from doodling something with a bit of humour. I drew it in pencil, took a photo on the iPad and used Sumo Paint to colour it in. Without further ado here it is.