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Use the Forks, Luke

Found a whole book of Simpsons cartoons that I did when I was about 10. I would do these a lot. When I was a bit older I would sneak Homer into some of my Star Wars pictures to. Or sometimes add random stuff like a Dalek or a Droid to my Simpsons stuff. I hope you can read my writing.

Simpsons style comic strip. One of many.


3 responses to “Use the Forks, Luke

  1. Dughall ⋅

    I love it! I’m a real fan of mashups and mixing styles in music, art etc. Who would have thought of Star Wars and The Simpsons!!!

  2. Shirley Price-Jones ⋅

    Lots of detail here Matty – these are great 🙂 I like the Simpsons strip – love Homer stuck in the door. I really like Dr Who – old and new, so hope you have some of those drawings to add to your blog.

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